Troopiter tracks it all.

For ski patrols who want to spend more time on the hill and less time in front of a computer, Troopiter is a mobile-friendly application that makes scheduling, communication, and record-keeping easy.

Unlike emailing spreadsheets or maintaining Google Docs, Troopiter keeps all of your records in one place.

Troopiter is the trusted source of records for:

  • Publish your patrol calendar
  • Communicate with scheduled crews
  • Make announcements via email or web
  • View members with complete training and patrol history
  • Run reports for attendance, credentials, dues paid, etc.
  • Share the admin duties with flexible access levels

  • Administrative or volunteer self-scheduling
  • Publish schedules to Google, Outlook, Apple, and other calendars
  • Configure your season easily with recurring shifts
  • Set headcount limits
  • Automate substitute requests and notifications
  • Printable PDF & Excel rosters
  • Color coding indicates where and when patrollers are needed
  • Designate shift supervisors by name or role
  • Track No-Shows & Walk-Ons
  • Search calendar by activity, role, location, or availability

  • Store contact information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Flexible classifications
  • NSP fields
  • Secure document storage for tax forms, waivers, etc.
  • Notes with public and private visibility
  • Track dues paid, transfers, uniforms, CPR and OEC refreshers, other training & certifications, awards, job titles & promotions

We offer pricing to accomodate multi-area patrols,
single resorts, and crews on a pitch with a rope tow.